This book is 246 pages, with several old and new photographs. I was aided in my research by many Yukon historians, including Ed and Star Jones, authors of "All That Glitters", and by Jack McQuesten's grandson, Walter. During my trip to the Yukon I met with several Yukon historians and gold miners, and studied at the Dawson City Museum and the Yukon Archives. I had been collecting information on Captain Jack for over 40 years, and my archives grew substantially during this August 2007 visit to the North.

The book is available online from Amazon, Barnes Noble and several other booksellers. You can also purchase it directly from me, minus the middleman fees. Email me using the "Contact Us" link, for more information.

If you live in Yukon the book is available at Mac Fireweed's in Whitehorse, and Dawson. In Alaska, it is available, so far, at the Wrangell Museum. It will be available at other locations before next spring.

This book is the definitive biography of Jack McQuesten, known in his lifetime as Father of the Yukon and Father of Alaska. There is also a considerable amount of information on the first 25 years of western man's interaction with the Yukon River Valley and its indigenous people, before the great Klondike Gold Rush. Jack was one of the first whitemen in many of the places now immortalized in the Iditarod dog sled race - places like Nulato, where his wife Kate was born, Unalakleet, where Jack's great grandson now lives, and Nome, where once stood the McQuesten Saloon.